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Why Designia?

Why is Designia a unique company?

  • Location, we are close to our customers and always able to visit
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Quality service and production
  • Competitively priced
  • Customer follow-up and training

How long will it take for Designia to create my website?

This really depends on how much work is involved and your individual requirements. We will keep in touch with you throughtout the entire design process, keeping you up to date with the stage of design. The 5 stages of website design at Designia are:

  • Concept - Initial ideas for layout and content
  • Development - Designia will provide you with a prototype as quickly as possible
  • Prototype - We will present you with a prototype website to allow your feedback on the design and layout of the website
  • Testing - We will throughly test your site to ensure that you don't have any technical problems once the site is launched.
  • Website Launch - The final and most important stage of the design process. What use is a website if nobody knows about it? We will provides you with ideas to make sure that having a website becomes an essential area of your business.

Company Background

Designia was orginally conceived in December 2000. However we postponed its launch until February 2001 to ensure that every preparation has been made to provide excellent customer service.

The people behind Designia are Mike Buick and William Liu, two enthusiastic, out-going, young businessmen.

William Liu graduated from a postgraduate course in Information Technology at University of Paisley, specialising in web design and multimedia. William previously studied for a BSc in Engineering, specialising in graphic design. He also has a creative ability to produce eye-catching graphics. In his spare time he voluntarily manages 5 different websites.

Mike Buick is also a postgraduate, from the University of Aberdeen he graduated in information Systems and Artificial Intelligence. Currently employed as an I.T. manager by a rapidly expanding manufacturing firm in Ayr, Scotland, Mike is able to bring a business and marketing edge to the company as well as being skilled in web design.

Mike and William originally met at school and have previously worked successfully together. They both noticed a market niche for small to medium sized companies who want to have a web presence. Often it is not feasible for smaller companies to possess the expertise and money required to design and maintain a web-site. However a web presence is increasingly important, no matter what the size of the company is.

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